| Air + Style-Comeback presents high level snowboarding

On January 16 and 17 Air + Style is coming back to Innsbruck and brings high level snowboarding. Pros like Eric Willett (USA) winner of the birthday Air & Style edition in Innsbruck, Sven Thorgren (SWE) winner of the Air & Style Beijing 2013 and Werner Stock (AUT) Austria’s local hero will shine with high technical tricks and a smooth style.

| “The Mini Story” - British attitude at the new temporary exhibition in the BMW Museum

Starting on 27 November, the new temporary exhibition in the BMW Museum focuses on the brand MINI.

| 7th Hiscox Kunstpreis awarded in Hamburg

Stella Rossié won on the 20th of November the Hiscox Kunstpreis 2014 with her outstanding piece “Komet”. The annual Hiscox Kunstpreis, which is endowed with 7.500 Euros, honors talented young artists of the Hamburger Hochschule für bildende Künste since 2008.