Sustainable mobility at the Danube: Car sharing captures Vienna

Not only in Vienna car sharing is more and more popular. Whereas in 2010 only 10.000 people in Vienna used the shared cars, the city now has 100.000 frequent users of car sharing. Currently there are 1.300 vehicles of different car sharing services in Austria’s capital city, including DriveNow’s 450 BMW and MINI. This boom is good news for the city and its inhabitants as well. Every car sharing vehicle replaces up to five private cars and thus frees urban parking space and reduces car parking search traffic. This represents a reduced level of CO2 emissions of 7.000 tons per year. Car sharing does not compete with local public transport, as the survey proved. For example, 72% of the DriveNow clients in Vienna own a season ticket for public transport.

Further interesting figures have been presented recently at a press conference: http://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/wien/unterwegs/817702_Stadt-setzt-auf-Carsharing.html



Image: DriveNow