Hiscox-Survey: “Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur Report 2017“

According to the online survey conducted by "Research Now", 62% of Germans surveyed are optimistic concerning the coming business year (2016: 65%). This puts Germany in the mid-range among the participants. For the survey 4,000 founders and managing directors of small and medium-sized companies based in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the US have been interviewed. The US holds the first place with 72% optimistic companies (2016: 68%), while the United Kingdom comes last with 55% (2016:60%).

The positive attitude of German entrepreneurs is also in the context of their continuing stable economic situation. For instance, 68% stated that they had increased their sales in the last twelve months and 66% were able to maximize their profits.

Even the imminent Brexit hardly dampens the spirits of German entrepreneurs. Only 11% expect negative effects on their own company. In contrast, 28% of British respondents believe that this will have a negative impact on their own business.

For 46% of the German entrepreneurs surveyed, the danger of customers not being paid is the biggest uninsured risk. Of 27%, data loss or the loss of intellectual property is perceived as a danger. And 25% count hacking or cybercrime to the biggest uninsured risks.

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Graphic: Hiscox