Flowers say more than words: LoveScout24 and the “Bachelor“ 2017 on the road in Hamburg

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and thus the most important day of the year when it comes to love and romance. For this occasion, LoveScout24 offers a new feature: the LoveScout24 Valentine’s bouquet: Premium members can gift another user of their choice with flowers on the dating platform. If the flirtpartner accepts the gift via mouse click, he gets a real bouquet delivered to his home. For the delivery, LoveScout24 is cooperates with Bloom’s, a start-up for flower delivery.

To draw attention to the new feature and to set the mood for Valentine’s day, LoveScout24 decided to do a suprise editorial tour at lifestyle and daily media in Hamburg: Sebastian Pannek, popular because his participation of the dating TV show “The Bachelor“ in 2017, handed out flowers to selected journalists – supported by two dressed-up „Cupidos“. Furthermore, he gave interviews concerning love and romance and gave useful tips for singles searching for love. To provide extra attention, Sebastian Pannek and the “Cupidos” then handed out tulips and flyers printed with compliments such as “You are unique” to pedestrians.

The fact that flowers are still considered to be particularly romantic as a Valentine's present is proven by a survey that LoveScout24 carried out in addition to the editorial tour. 72 percent of the singles surveyed would be happy to receive a bouquet on February 14th. On Valentine's Day, however, women have been the center of attention up to now: 73 percent have ever received a present, 53 percent have even received flowers, while not even half of all surveyed men (45 percent) have ever been gifted on 14 February.

LoveScout24 is part of the Meetic Group, which is represented in 15 European countries with various dating portals.

LHLK has been supporting the platform since 2017 in the areas of Consumer and Product PR.

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LoveScout24 on the road in Hamburg
Picture: LHLK / LoveScout24