Media start-up piqd launches international site piqd.com

Piqd, the online programme guide for high quality journalism, enters the international market and starts an English platform. On February 22nd 2017, the Munich based start-up went international with its additional URL piqd.com. From now on piqd provides its article recommendations for English speaking readers from all over the globe. With the help of international curators, piqd aims to bring light into the chaos of digital information in the English speaking online journalism.

Next to its internationalisation, piqd monetises parts of its service for both – the international and the German market. The personalised newsletter, a daily update with content from individually picked channels, will be available for three Euros per month. With the changeover to payed services, piqd takes the next step to guarantee lasting high quality and to remain sustainable as a business.

With its service piqd aims to bring orientation into the digital information chaos. The start-up is an alternative concept in times of social networks optimised algorithms. Relevant content is exclusively chosen by the curators, who work totally self-determined.

Within the area of corporate communication, LHLK supports piqd in the field of press work.


Logo: piqd