„Professional staff for Smart Data: Requirements in the present and future”

Big and Smart Data are part of the top-issues in German business. It is for this reason important to collect existing data and to derive profit from it. Besides that, external data collection and new analytical tools can help to exploit the full potential of Big Data. We therefore need specialists and skilled worker – but they remain scarce in IT industry. The accompanying research of the Smart Data technology program, maintained by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), now launched a survey in order to address the present and future needs for skilled people or specialists in the area of Smart Data in Germany.

Click here to go to the survey: https://amazonas.fzi.de/limesurvey2/index.php/835389?lang=de

LHLK is in the competence area public sector-communication part of the accompanying research of Smart Data with the responsibility to ensure knowledge transfer.



Image: Smart Data