Volatile financial world increases CEO turnover-rate

This year’s “2015 CEO” study of our client Strategy& revealed that despite the good economic situation the CEO turnover-rate in the 300 biggest listed companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland increased in 2015. With a turnover-rate of 16.7% more than one and half times as many CEOs as in 2014 (10.3%) resigned from office. About one third of these CEOs had to leave unscheduled which probably means involuntarily. One of the main reasons for the high turnover-rate was the financial world, which changed with a rate of 21.1% more than one fifth of its CEOs.

Looking at the incoming CEOs, the targets concerning women in senior management positions have been missed dramatically. Whereas in 2014 10.3% of the German-speaking enterprises hired female CEOs, the share of incoming women CEOs fell to mere 2.2% in 2015.

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Graphic: Strategy&